Quick Cinnamon Buns

August 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

I love making cinnamon buns as a house warming to ourselves. We have done a lot of moving recently and we will continue to for the next month. This weekend we are moving out of one apartment, and in a couple of weeks we will be moving into the next. When I saw this recipe I immediately thought of the cinnamon buns I’ll be making when we are finally done with all the moving. Of course, I had to make sure that they were up to snuff, so I had a great excuse to make them.

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Sushi rolls and Sauces

July 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

What feels like ages ago, we had a sushi party, and then a few weeks later we had another. Sam and rolled about 8 rolls of sushi and then shared them with some great company. It was a total mess. There was rice everywhere. They mean it when they call it sticky rice. But it was so fun. And then we had a lovely stay with Sam’s family and had a sushi party there as well. That one was a lot bigger (Over 200 pieces?) and a lot more delicious. Its all about the fresh fish, I’ll remember that next time.

If you like the tempura-ed rolls with baked mushrooms and scallops on top, these are probably not the type of sushi for you. They were quite plain and simple, but ultimately good and quite the healthy meal. I think the sauces that we made to go with them really made them worthwhile. One of the sauces was a spicy mayo made with delicious sriracha and the other was a sweet soy sauce glaze. « Read the rest of this entry »

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