Summertime Limeade and ramblings

September 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s like lemonade but tangier.

I grew up drinking freshly made juices on a daily basis. I didn’t realize that it was unusual behavior to do so. In the United States you get your juice from a carton at the store. I don’t think Nicaragua even had premade juices. There were so many fruits, many of which stayed in season for most of the year. We never went without fresh juice. Before I learned how to cook or bake anything I learned how to pick ‘limon mandarinas‘ from our tree and make a pitcher of juice. Now I realize that limon mandarinas don’t even exist in the states, at least not anywhere that I’ve seen, and I’ve also realized that fresh juice is a pricey¬†commodity. ¬†When you decide to pay the price for fresh juice it pales in comparison to what we used to have in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua, my beautiful tropical land. We had over a dozen fruit trees in our backyard. Something was always blooming and bursting with life. I miss being able to climb those trees and pick my own fruit. Sometimes I’d just hide out in the avocado tree if I didn’t feel like seeing people. Or if I was feeling sociable I’d climb the mango tree and wave to the passersby on the street. I have many memories of just being perched on a branch somewhere. This is starting to sound like the memoirs of a monkey but it was peaceful and beautiful; I miss it sorely.

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