The Beginning & Red Pepper Jelly

May 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Greetings to all,

This is the first blog post of Red pepper, Green pepper (tentative title). I thought that an appropriate recipe for our first post would involve some peppers, ‘cuz we like peppers around here. Speaking of we, let me introduce myself, my name is Michelle and I am food’s biggest fan, hopefully not literally. I am about to start my junior year of college in a little school called UCLA (scary) to study anthropology. I have been living in the small town of San Luis Obispo for the past two years while going to school at the local community college, Cuesta College (go cougars!). But now I am moving house yet again to start a whole new chapter of my life. Alongside me is my loving, caring, and amazingly talented boyfriend, Sam. He puts up with my cooking adventures and is always a great sport about trying the occasionally weird things I make. Sam is a writer, musician and an amazing composer, so I’ll probably link you to his compositions from time to time. At the moment he is being thrust out in the world–weeks away from being done with college and headed into the real world, so you can safely say that we are both a little apprehensive and also really excited about the next few months. At the moment it looks like we will be taking to the beaches and the warm sun of San Diego for the summer. Sam has been offered a job at very large video game company to be a music intern for the summer. I on the other hand have no specific plans, but hopefully will find something to do that can keep me busy for the next three months. I foresee a lot of cooking, which is always a good thing. After that, we will then be heading up to smoggy, I mean lovely, Los Angeles.

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