At the moment I am in between my second and third year of college. I have been going to school in San Luis Obispo for the last 2 years but now I am moving to Los Angeles to become a UCLA bruin in the fall. In the meantime I am headed to San Diego for the summer to relax and enjoy life.

I used to be a photography major, but recently switched to anthropology, so you might hear me jabber on about either of the two because I love them both. Even though I’m no longer an art major, I still love art, so don’t mind me if I share my opinions or thoughts about something or other in the art world.

I grew up in Nicaragua. It is one of my favorite places in the world. I miss it very much, and I hope to go back and visit soon (damn expensive plane tickets!). The food there was incredible and it inspired me to start cooking for myself, along with a need to eat something other than poptarts and cereal for dinner. Hopefully you won’t mind hearing about Nicaragua, because I sure do have a lot to say about it and its incredible beauty. In my defense I spent my whole childhood there, I don’t know much else.

I live with my boyfriend Sam, my amazing food tester. He tries all the stuff I make and even pretends to like it. I couldn’t have started this blog without him. His encouragement and his know-how of computery stuff got Red Pepper, Green pepper up and running. At the moment, I am still trying to get the hang of all of this stuff, so bear with me in the transitional process of figuring things out around here. I know I’ll get things running eventually, it just might take me a while.

I hope you can all enjoy the recipes and the food I talk about. I’m always trying things and I love having the opportunity to share those recipes and other foodie creations with others.


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